Do you want the classic good looks of a traditional Scandi bike but with that extra bit of power so you can zoom past the other commuters? The Copenhagen Fusion e-bike is stylish, sporty and oh so speedy!

Stylish sporty gent’s bike with an electric motor for everyday use. The Urban gent’s bike is powder coated with thick and impact-resistant powder coating. Be seen on the bike path with this state-of-the-art iconic gents’ electric bike with a center motor from Velorbis. Since the engine does not have a gearbox, there is no noticeable pedal resistance when the battery is off, so you can still use your e-bike as a regular bike.
The lightweight frame is a hand-built lugged steel frame. It is an sporty bicycle with a focus on details and high quality. Take a look at the silver-colored Jagwire cables or stainless steel nuts and bolts. Enjoy the dark brown Velorbis leather grips and the handmade iconic sports leather saddle also from Danish bike designers; Velorbis The sports saddle just gets better and better with time. Are you the type that only can push the bike uphill? No longer …. The Fusion Gents bike is equipped with an almost maintenance-free Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal gear hub with freewheeling. If you cycle before the sun rises or after sunset, this designed Velorbis is equipped with a built-in dynamo in the front wheel. Electricity is produced via induction inside the front hub and is completely hassle-free, so always drive with the light on for your own safety. The headlights and taillights are designed in pure retro style with an LED light source. There is a small brass bell to signal to your surroundings that here comes the uncrowned King of the bike path. Of course, there is also an included frame-mounted silver lock also from Danish Velorbis, which ensures that no one steals your beloved bike.
Our optional iconic, lightweight, and fully integrated front carrier with a set of exclusive elastic leather-bound straps,  is mounted on the head tube of the bicycle frame instead of attaching it to the handlebars. Attaching the carrier to the bicycle frame ensures much better stability when transporting your groceries or your gym bag around town, as well as when parking the bicycle. This urban commuter has been equipped with puncture-protected Kevlar tires from the German tire manufacturer Schwalbe, so you can ride more safely and not worry about puncturing all the time. The tires also have built-in reflectors on the sides for increased safety. The semi-upright Fusion Classic bicycle has two independent brake systems in accordance with EU legislation. An integrated rear roller brake is built into the rear wheel and a maintenance-free drum brake is built into the front wheel. You will also find mandatory reflectors on the pedals as well as the front and rear of the bike. There is a loud and elegant brass bell on this model. The bike is designed in Denmark by Velorbis and your new comfort commuter bicycle is handmade, inspected, and shipped directly from our factory in Germany. The warranty on the frame against frame breakage has been extended to 25 years.

Einzelnes Ergebnis wird angezeigt

This ELECHIC Fusion electric bike comes with a Velorbis eDrive electric system that makes the bike a reliable and powerful electric bike. Velorbis eDrive360 is ideal for your trips from 40-75 km distance (see battery range chart below). The complete system weighs only 4.9 kg. The center-mounted gearless 250w motor in brushed steel is mounted under the crankcase. Due to its construction and location on the bike, the engine provides a special natural riding pleasure and is absolutely silent. With a power of 250 watts and a maximum torque of 50 Nm, it supports your pedal capability up to a speed of 25 km / h (legally allowed maximum value for EU countries). Higher speeds can be achieved by using pure muscle power via your own rye bread motor. Since the engine does not have a gearbox, there is no noticeable pedal resistance when the battery is off, so you can still use your bike like a regular bike.
The Velorbis battery is 36V and has a capacity of 500 Wh or 14,6 AH and works on the basis of modern lithium-ion technology. The battery can be locked with a key but also easily removed from the bike and recharged within 3.5 hours with the included 3 AH charger.



  • Weight of bicycle including eDrive: 16 kgs (alloy frame) – The electric kit weighs only 4.9 kg
  • Delivers an output power of 50 Nm for ultimate performance
  • Reliable intuitive pedal assistance for a smooth riding experience from a torque sensor
  • Powerful 250W Center Motor from Velorbis
  • Bottle-shaped designer Battery with 360WH / 10AH capacity
  • Samsung cells inside the battery
  • Charger included with 3AH = charges 0-100% in 3.5 hours
  • The lifetime of the battery: 5-600 full battery charges
  • Edrive is weather and water-resistant
  • Compatible only with freewheel hubs
  • Comes with a LCD display and 4-speed levels
  • Walk-assist function included
  • Speed limit 25 km/h
  • No noticeable pedaling resistance = Cycles as a normal bike when the battery is turned off
  • Battery Range: See chart below
Velorbis 500 Wh battery range UK

The Joy of Cycling

The Copenhagen Fusion Gents e-bike brings together the best of two worlds and then adds something more:

  • The semi-upright riding position allows you to put your weight behind your pedalling and really pick up some speed
  • The powerful Velorbis centre motor gives you extra speed or a bit of help when going uphill or against the wind.
  • The lightweight lugged steel frame comes in three sizes – 54/57/61 cm – so you can choose what fits your height perfectly.
  • A real leather Velorbis racer saddle in a choice of three colours will gradually mould itself to your own shape giving the most perfect seat.
  • Top quality Schwalbe tyres are a slimline 37 mm wide to give less traction on the roads surface and therefore a bit more speed. They come in a choice of brown, cream or black.
  • The frame, fork and wheel rims can be coloured to your own specification from a choice of over 200 shades.
  • Unlike most traditional bikes, we make our frames from strong but lightweight Chromoly steel meaning that the bike weighs only 15 kg (without extras) making it much easier to manoeuvre.

Superb Functionality

The Copenhagen Fusion e-bike isn’t only a mix of classic and sporty, it’s a perfect blend of stylish and practical.  Here’s why:

  • Shimano Nexus gears are internal and therefore low maintenance as protected from the elements and are available in 1, 3 and 7 speed. The 7 gear bikes have an option of either pedal brakes or handlebar brakes.
  • The bike has a single kickstand and no chain guard to make it even lighter
  • Depending on what you generally need to carry, there are luggage options of steel rear carrier with bag hook, exclusive front wooden tray, wooden crate (shallow or deep) or different baskets so your shopping, briefcase or gym kit can be carried with ease.
  • Stainless steel mud guards mean you arrive at your destination free from splashes, oil or dirt from the road.
  • The tyres use anti-puncture technology.
  • High quality components means a long and low maintenance life for your bike.

Safety First!

Be careful when you cycle!  We do our bit towards your safety with the following features:

  • The bike comes with the option of battery or dynamo powered front lights (battery powered rear lights).
  • A shiny silver M-Wave bell is included.
  • The bike comes with aVelorbis integrated frame lock with key

Added Extras

If you have a business and want to make your bike a mobile billboard, why not add a logo plate above the back wheel?  Check out the different options available.