Frequently asked questions


I just placed my online order – what happens next?

As you probably learned from our website or in our Terms of Trade, we have 4-6 weeks of production lead time on your custom-designed and German-made Velorbis bicycle. First, check that you have received an order confirmation from us. Please carefully read the bike receipt listed here as this is how you have designed the bicycle, and if you discover any mistakes please contact us immediately if you want us to change the order. The next thing that happens in our communication with you, is that we will write to you, app. 4 weeks from sending out your order confirmation.  When our factory has produced and packed and dispatched your order, we will send you your invoice along with a note about the shipment process.

You will receive an email when we have received confirmation that your order is on the truck to our warehouse in Denmark. In this email, we also inform you about details for delivery/pick-up, periodic service of your bicycle, and only registration of frame number, maintenance tips, and advice, etc.

As mentioned above once we have registered your deposit (card payments are automatically registered), the bicycle is placed into production at our German factory, which has more than 100 years of experience in the production of traditionally lugged and brazed hand-crafted steel frames.

First, your frame is produced, and depending on the frame size and frame model, these variables must be planned for.

When the bicycle frame is produced, the frame must be cleaned and sandblasted. Then the bicycle frame and coloured bicycle components get rust protection as well as a basic coating and finally the bicycle frame gets a thick and impact-resistant powder coating, with a final clear coat which in turn gives the frame shine and protects the bike from bumps and scratches.

The wheels of your Velorbis bike are built on a wheel-building machine from Holland Mechanics which is a market leader in this discipline. We make wheels from 20 ”to 28” with 1, 3, and 7 gears both with and without freewheel, and the front wheels are built with or without drum brakes and dynamo hubs – just as you have configured your bike in our online design tool.

The last part of bicycle production is the assembly of all the parts. Wheels, crankset, chain, cables, handlebars, etc. are assembled and finally, the bike is packed into an impact resistant box for transport.

Transport damage has occurred as my bicycle box it is torn or open, what should I do?

If you receive a damaged packet, please write ‘DAMAGED* on the form that you need to sign before the reception. Hereafter please inform us about the transport damages as soon as possible, at the latest within 2 days upon reception. If the proof of delivery (POD) note does not state that the box was damaged upon arrival there is no insurance coverage and hence it is not possible to make a transport damage claim against us. If however, you have put ‘DAMAGED’ on the POD you can safely accept the box and inspect the content. All missing parts and damaged components will be compensated after identification.

How much does the shipping cost?

It all depends on the products and destination of your order.  We constantly work to get the best shipping prices around the world.  Please go to the ‘check out section’ with your desired order and select ‘calculate shipping’

Do you ship your bicycle all over the world?

We can ship to almost all countries in the world. Currently, our webshop is only set up for parts of Europe, the USA, and Canada (under the US flag). If your country is not listed on any of our webshops please contact us for a shipping quote. Before you contact us please tell us what bicycle model you are interested in.

How is my bicycle packed for delivery?

All export bicycles are packed in cardboard boxes measuring 142 x 84 x 26 cm and weighs 20 kgs. The bicycle is 85% assembled

The front wheel and all front components are detached from the mainframe. Optional extras like baskets and crates are not fitted either. Link to assembly instructions and videos can be found here

How long is the delivery time?

For all our bags and bicycle accessories that are in stock in Germany, we process your order within 5 working days. Transit time is app. another 2-3 working days, total delivery time for stock orders are 7-8 working days.

For international orders transit time is app. 5-7 working days. So for International customers, the total delivery time for stock orders is 10-12 working days.

You can always check availability and delivery time on a product in our webshop.

For custom-made bicycle orders (Design Your Bike – section) our normal production lead time is 4-6 weeks. Transit time is app. 5-10 working days. So, for International orders, the total delivery time can be from 5-8 weeks.

Our bespoke bicycles are made in Germany and along with bicycle accessories they will be dispatched from our factory. Leather bags are dispatched from our central warehouse in Denmark.

What import taxes & duties apply when I order from Velorbis?

Velorbis is a Danish legal entity with bicycle production in Germany (both countries are located inside the EU). Prices on the various Velorbis websites do not include local import taxes and duties that could apply in destination countries outside the EU.  If you are unsure, please check with your local customs authority before ordering. The Danish, Swedish, German, and EU website prices are shown in local currencies and include 25% VAT. The Norwegian, the UK and the US websites all show prices in local currencies but without the 25% VAT. Import into a country outside the EU could be subject to local VAT charges on the total amount of the invoice. Additional import duties may also apply, at the discretion of the local customs authorities. When ordering from Switzerland, you shall purchase the goods through Here the prices are disclosed in Euro inclusive 25% tax. When you select Switzerland during checkout the 25% VAT is automatically removed.


Velorbis bicycles use internal gears – what does this mean?

Internal gears have a system whereby the gear shifting mechanism is built into the hub of the rear wheel. The most widely known form of internal gearing is the three or seven-speed Shimano Nexus gear hubs, that are used on all Velorbis bicycles.

Internal gears are more reliable than derailleur gears, particularly for bicycles that are regularly exposed to wet weather or harsh elements. This is because the gear mechanism is cleverly contained and protected within the rear hub. Internal gears can also be shifted even when the bicycle is stationary (e.g. stopping at a traffic light), making them a perfect solution for urban city cycling.

Velorbis bicycles all have lugged steel frames – what are the advantages?

A lug is a socket that forms the junction between two or more frame tubes. Steel has historically been the material of choice for high-quality bicycle frames. Likewise lugged construction has always been the preferred means of assembling a steel frame. Traditional bicycle construction uses steel tubes and lugs joined together by brazing so that the space between the tube and the lug fills up with molten brass.

Before assembly, our German frame builder cuts the tubes to the desired length and precisely miters their ends, so that they fit closely together. The ends of the tubes are inserted into the lugs and are then brazed together with a brass metal filler. The lug greatly increases the strength of the joint by distributing the molten metal filler over a larger surface area via capillary action. When brazing a bicycle frame, our frame builders use small scaffolding called a jig to hold the tubes in place and maintain their precise alignment.

Four lugs are used to construct a typical Velorbis diamond bicycle frame:

1) The seat lug or seat cluster joins the top tube and seat tube.
2) The bottom shell bracket joins the chainstays, seat tube, and down tube, and includes a threaded cylindrical socket for the bottom bracket.
3) The upper head lug joins the head tube and top tube.
4) Lower head lug joins the head tube and down tube.

Lugged steel frames can be repaired more easily than MIG or TIG welded steel frames. For instance, a broken tube can be removed by the application of heat to un-braze it, and then its replacement can be brazed in its place.

Steel frames are generally easier to repair than aluminum or exotic materials, and it is for this reason that steel frames are preferred by many cyclists who cycle regularly. Lugs also reinforce the joints which result in a stronger frame, thus giving lugged frames an advantage for touring cyclists.

Is there a unique frame number on my bicycle?

Yes all Velorbis bicycles follow some old Danish frame making rules and your bicycle has a unique frame number embossed into the frame. The frame number is marked on the side of the seat tube on a Velorbis bicycle. As we use a strong impact-resistant powder coating for painting the bicycle frames in some cases, it can be difficult to read the frame number. If this should be the case, we recommend the three following methods for reading the frame number:

1) Take your bicycle into the sunlight and read the frame number from different angles.

2) Put a paper over the frame number and use the back of a pencil to scrap on the paper to make the frame number visible.

3) Rub white fat on the frame number to make it more visible.

Decoding Velorbis: The Danish frame numbering system for bicycles is a special system in Denmark for marking of bicycles. This was introduced in 1942 and requires that all bicycle frames originating from Denmark to be marked with a unique code. Velorbis bicycles produced in 2016 will have a frame number beginning with the letters WVEL, (VEL indicates our name) which is followed by six digits and ending with the letter ‘L’. In 2017 the last letter will be the letter ‘M’ etc. etc.

What are the differences between the Kopenhagen Classic and the Fusion /Arrow Classic models?

Here are the main differences:
  • Kopenhagen Classic has 47 mm wide semi-balloon tires for extra suspension and added comfort
  • Fusion / Arrow Classic has 37 mm wide tires for added agility and a more sporty ride
  • Kopenhagen Classic has coloured (60 mm) mudguards (optional 200+ colours)
  • Fusion / Arrow Classic has narrower (42 mm) mudguards in stainless steel (colour options not available)
  • Kopenhagen Classic has an option for a built-in dynamo hub – Not available on Fusion / Arrow Classic
  • Kopenhagen Classic has a 70 cm wide set of handlebars with an 8 cm rise from the stem
  • Fusion / Arrow Classic has a 55 cm wide set of handlebars with a 5 cm rise from the stem
  • Kopenhagen Classic has a double kickstand – Fusion / Arrow Classic has a single kickstand
  • Kopenhagen Classic has a leather mud flap (available in 3 colours) – Not available on Fusion / Arrow Classic

Kopenhagen Classic weighs app. 2 kgs more than the Fusion / Arrow Classic

What are the differences between the Urban Chic ladies and the Kopenhagen Fusion Ladies?

Here are the main differences:

  • Urban chic has rim brakes on the front wheel
  • Kopenhagen Fusion has drum brakes built-in for low maintenance
  • Urban chic has limited colours available (4 colours)
  •  Kopenhagen Fusion has 200+ Colours available
  • Urban Chic has 47 mm wide semi-balloon tires for extra suspension and added comfort
  • Kopenhagen Fusion has 37 mm wide tires for added agility and a more sporty ride
  • Urban Chic coloured 60 mm mudguards
  • Kopenhagen Fusion has narrower 40 mm stainless steel mudguards
  • Urban Chic has a 70 cm wide set of handlebars with an 8 cm rise from the stem
  • Kopenhagen Fusion has a 55 cm wide set of handlebars with a 5 cm rise from the stem

Urban chic weighs app. 3 kgs more than the Kopenhagen Fusion

Electric Bicycles

Is the Pendix eDrive speed or torque-controlled?

With a product as high-quality as the Pendix eDrive, it is important that the drivability and the driving experience are right. For Pendix, this includes the most sensitive possible dosage of the desired support as well as a harmonious, natural power output of the engine. For this reason, Pendix uses a torque measuring bearing that precisely determines your pedaling force and regulates the motor accordingly.

How does the system drive when the motor is switched off?

The Pendix eDrive is equipped with a gearless motor, which provides a particularly low-resistance driving experience. The remaining pedaling resistance when the engine is switched off corresponds to that of a hub dynamo and is hardly noticeable.

How does the speed limit work?

The Pendix eDrive comes with a speed sensor attached to the rear wheel. Together with the wheel size set by Pendix in the electronics, the Pendix eDrive detects when the speed exceeds 25km/h and gently shuts off the motor support.

What should I know about the Pendix eDrive?

According to EU law, pedelecs are considered bicycles under traffic law and you do not need a minimum age or a driving license to use them. So you don’t need to take out any additional insurance such as liability insurance and the use of cycle paths is allowed. Pendix specifies a minimum age of 14 years for safety reasons. There is no obligation to wear a helmet, but Pendix recommends that you wear a bicycle helmet.

How much does the Pendix eDrive weigh?

The weight specifications refer to the entire package: Pendix eDrive with 300ah battery weighs 6.5 kg. The Pendix eDrive with 500ah battery weighs 6.9 kg

How realistic is the specified range of the batteries?

The specified ranges are ideal values that can be achieved under optimum conditions. The optimal range for the 300ah battery is 45-105 km and 70-160 km for the 500ah battery. The actual range you can achieve with your Pendix eDrive depends on many factors. This includes your chosen level of motor support, the amount of power you use to pedal, your shifting behavior, the road conditions, the total weight of the rider including cargo, the weather conditions, and many more.

What can I use the USB interface on the battery for?

The batteries of the Pendix eDrive have a USB-C port, which you can use to charge and operate typical USB devices such as mobile phones, navigation devices, or lamp systems. You may also need an adapter cable to connect the existing USB device to the battery. You can order this in our online shop. The Pendix eDrive battery itself cannot be charged via the USB interface and it is not possible to exchange data via the USB interface.

How can I protect the battery on my Pendix eDrive against theft?

So that you can connect the battery during shortstops, there is a steel bracket in the bottom of the battery, which can be pulled out and secured easily with a bicycle lock. You can also remove the battery easily.

Has the battery been tested for safety?

Safety is Pendix’ top priority alongside quality and functional requirements. Every single battery manufactured by Pendix undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with European directives and standards. Only when all of them have been successfully passed does it go on sale. Pendix and its suppliers produce according to the strictest quality guidelines to ensure that safety is maintained in the long term.

How are the batteries and motor electronics protected against water?

The Pendix eDrive is IP65 protected against water jets from all directions and therefore offers increased protection against water. However, you should not use high-pressure cleaners, as the system is not designed for this type of load.

How do I store the battery if I do not use it for a long time?

If you cannot use your bike with the Pendix eDrive for a long time, it is best to store it in a dry room with temperatures well above freezing. Pendix recommends that you charge the battery to 50 to 80 percent and check its condition at least every 12 weeks.

What does blue flashing on the ePower mean?

If your ePower only flashes blue and white for a short time, then you have just disconnected or connected to your battery via an app. If your ePower only flashes blue, then there is an error in the system. Why not use our PRO App and find out what the problem is in the “Diagnosis” section under “Bike”. There is usually also the point “More information?”, which helps you to solve simple problems yourself.

What are the top advantages of the Pendix eDrive?

The heart of your eBike retrofit kit for all bicycle types is the specially designed mid-engine. You turn on the motor. You don’t hear… anything. The eMachine, the engine of progress, is absolutely silent. But he is by no means a calm type but is particularly agile and powerful. And at the same time, it captivates with a pedaling feeling that could hardly be more natural.

  • Noiseless and maintenance-free system
  • Optimum mounting position on the bicycle due to mid-mounted motor
  • Water- and dust resistant according to IP65
  • Hardly noticeable pedaling resistance when the engine is switched off or the battery is empty
  • Can be combined with all switching and braking systems

Why does the Pendix eDrive sometimes feel less powerful than other e-bikes with lower torque?

Pendix has 50 Nm of torque and this is how you measure the power of an e-bike. These factors below can reduce power from the motor:

  • Compared to a front or rear wheel hub motor there is not a chain or belt between the drive and the wheel (there is a small loss and it feels a bit less direct)
  • If the pedal power input of the rider is low, the resulting support (speed) is also low. It will feel very powerful if you also pedal stronger, so the power output can only be 50 Nm if you give enough power yourself. The idea of the Pendix eDrive is to keep the feeling of riding a bike.
  • The direct drive Pendix works best at a cadence of 60-70 turns per minute. Fewer cadence results in less power.
  • Lack of using your gear shifter (the gearbox inside a Shimano or Bosch motor takes over this part from the rider). So by using the gear shifter to keep the ideal cadence, you will have the same power as other e-drives without having a gearbox or a freewheel. This leads to a very robust and high-quality drive without having to maintain a gearbox.

Bicycle Spare Parts

Where can I get spare parts for my Velorbis bicycle?

Almost all of our bicycle parts and components are compatible with international standard measures. You should be able to get the most spare parts in a bicycle shop near you. If, however you find it difficult to find a specific part, you can always get in touch with us for further assistance. Painted parts can also be ordered through us. Please allow app. 4 weeks of production lead times for such painted parts. If you require help with getting a spare part, please find your receipt before contacting us, as the receipt often states the bicycle model name, colour code, and size. These are all relevant information, that we need from you when contacting us. Many times a picture of your bicycle will also speed up the process of finding the relevant spare part.

what kind of valves are on the inner tubes. I live in the U.S. Do I need a special pump to inflate the tires, or will a pump purchased in the U.S. work? 

Pumping the tyres on a Dutch bike is the same as pumping tyres on any other bike, with the notable difference that generally speaking, Dutch bikes use Wood’s Valves.

Wood valves are the same diameter as Presta Valves – which are fitted to most UK road bikes and many mountain bikes. So if you’re having trouble pumping your tyres, please make sure you’re using your pump in the Presta Setting.

The reason the Dutch use Woods Valves is that they can maintain a high pressure without loosing air. You can also replace the valve inner if you have a faulty one or the valve wears out without having to replace the entire tube.

With UK bikes – or those purchased from mainstream UK brands you’re more likely to come across either Schrader Valves or Presta Valves.


The Schrader Valves are often referred to as ‘car valves’ as they’re pretty much identical. You can see one above on the left and the Presta Valve is the one you’ll usually associate with road racing bikes. All you have to do with the Presta Valve is to screw back the little valve opener on the top and attach your pump and away you go.

Now back to your Dutch Bike and those pesky Wood’s Valves or ‘Dunlop valves’ as they’re often called.


Well, all you need to remember is that the Wood’s Valve is the same diameter as the PRESTA Valve so you’ll need to have your pump set up to pump a Presta Valve.

Most modern pumps will come with either two nozzles on the top (one for Presta and one for Schrader) or with a small adapter. The Adapter is simply screwed on over your Woods or Presta Valve and your pump will now fit your valve and away you go.

At the Dutch Bike Shop, we think it’s easier to use an adapter as it makes for a much better seal and it’s easy to do.

These adapters are readily available in most good bike shops and they retail for around £1.99. or, if you wish, search on Ebay and you’ll find them for sale there also.


Valve Adaptor

The above picture is of the valve adapter.

So to recap on how to pump your Dutch Bike’s tyres:

  1. Make sure the pump your using is set to a Presta Setting
  2. Or, if not, simply screw on an adapter over the valve and use your bike pump in the Schrader setting (car type valve setting)

If you haven’t pumped your tyres for a while, you’ll probably need to give it a good blast on the pump to open the valve.

Still confused? Have a look at our video and you can see a live demonstration

Bicycle accessories

How do I maintain my Brooks leather saddle?

Please find the Brooks leather care guidance here:

How is the Velorbis wood crate attached to the bicycle?

The wood crate is attached to the Velorbis front carrier with special brackets, which ensures that the Velorbis wood crate is properly secured. Please see assembly instructions here:

Warranty and liability

What warranty does Velorbis offer?

Velorbis warrants that our bicycle frames will correspond with their specification at the time at delivery and will be free of defects in workmanship and material, for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase. Rust is not covered by this warranty. We warrant that our bicycle forks will correspond with their specification at the time at delivery and will be free of defects in workmanship and materials, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Rust is not part of this warranty. Velorbis likewise, warrants all other original bicycle components that will correspond with their specification at the time at delivery and will be free of defects in workmanship and material, for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Rust of frame and fork is not part of the extended warranty.

Velorbis shall be under no liability in respect of any defects arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow the assembly instructions, misuse or alteration or repair of the goods without Velorbis’ approval;  the above warranty does not extend to parts, material or equipment not manufactured by Velorbis, in respect of which customers shall only be entitled to the benefit of any such warranty or guarantee as is given by the manufacturer to the Velorbis.

How do I report a claim?

Any claim which is based on any defect in the quality or conditions of goods or their failure to correspond with specifications shall (whether or not delivery is refused by the customer, be notified to Velorbis within two days from the date of delivery or (where the defect or failure was not apparent on reasonable inspection) within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect or failure.
If delivery is not refused, and the customer does not notify Velorbis accordingly, the customer shall not be entitled to reject the goods and Velorbis shall have no such liability for such defects or failure, and the customer shall be bound to pay the price as if the goods had been delivered in accordance with these conditions.

Where any valid claim in respect of any of the goods which are based on any defect in the quality or condition of the goods or their failure to meet specification is notified to Velorbis in accordance with these Conditions, Velorbis shall be entitled to replace the goods (or the part in question) free of charge or, at Velorbis’ sole discretion, refund to the customer, the price of the goods (or a proportionate part of the price), but Velorbis shall have, no further liability to the customer.