ARROW SPORT Gents e-bike

All our Arrow sports models are equipped with ultra thin tires and a sporty Velorbis leather saddle. Mudguards can be colored in 205 different colors in our bicycle configurator. All our Arrow Sport models come with a sporty stem and a flat handlebar, so that the riding position is more streamlined to your phase.

This ELECHIC Velorbis electric bicycle comes with a Velorbis eDrive360 electric kit that makes the bike a reliable and powerful electric bike. Velorbis eDrive360 is ideal for your trips from 20-55 km distance (see battery range chart below). The complete system weighs only 4.9 kg. The center-mounted gearless 250w motor is mounted under the crankcase. Due to its construction and location on the bike, the engine provides a special natural riding pleasure and is completely silent. With a power of 250 Watts and a maximum torque of 50 Nm, it supports your pedal capability up to a speed of 25 km / h (legally allowed maximum value for EU countries). Higher speeds can be achieved by using pure muscle power. Since the engine does not have a gearbox, there is no noticeable pedal resistance when the battery is off, so you can still use your bike like a regular bike.

Our Velorbis bottle-shaped ePower designer battery is shaped like a bottle in a delicious chrome finish that matches the other chrome parts on the bike. The Velorbis battery is 36V and has a capacity of 360 WH or 10,6 AH and works based on modern lithium-ion technology. The battery can be locked with a key but also easily removed from the bike and recharged within 3.5 hours with the included 3 AH charger.


  • Weight of bicycle including eDrive: 19 kgs – The electric kit weighs only 4.9 kg
  • Delivers an output power of 50 Nm for ultimate performance
  • Reliable intuitive pedal assistance for a smooth riding experience from a torque sensor
  • Powerful 250W Center Motor from Velorbis
  • Bottle-shaped designer battery with 360WH / 10,6 AH capacity
  • Samsung cells inside the battery
  • Charger included with 3AH = charges 0-100% in 3.5 hours
  • The lifetime of the battery: 5-600 full battery charges
  • Edrive is weather and water-resistant
  • Compatible only with freewheel hubs
  • Comes with LCD display and 4-speed levels
  • Walk-assist function included
  • Speed limit 25 km/h
  • No noticeable pedaling resistance = Cycles as a normal bike when the battery is turned off
  • Battery range: See chart below
Velorbis 360wh battery range UK

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