Velorbis joins Cyclechic at London Skyride


On a sunny Sunday 20th September Velorbis joined the Cyclechic Convoy at the London Skyride event.

Organised by the Major of London, the aim of Skyride was to promote urban cycling in a fun and enjoyable way with shared community spirit whilst also illustrating how cycling is a convenient and realistic green transport option.

The Velorbis Dannebrog red classic bicycle beauty and the Churchill Balloon street style gents bicycle; full of old school funkiness, joined theCyclechic Convoy outside St. Paul’s Cathedral before heading off for a leisurely and picturesque tour of London with over 6,500 like-minded companions – not to mention the occasional pit-stops for the odd alcoholic beverage refreshment.

Cyclechic London and London Skyride have individual rider accounts of the day in which they share their experiences and memories of the event.

Style, relaxation, exercise, fantastic scenery, great conversation and camaraderie – that’s how cycling should be.