The Cycling Embassy of Denmark celebrates their 5th Anniversary with Velorbis


Danish cycling culture has over time spread like ripples in water and countries around the globe are inspired by the Danish cycling trend. The Danish cycling culture is therefore not merely a life style which Danes take to heart, as countries like France, the UK and Holland also joins the life style on two-wheels.

The joy of cycling in various countries is thanks to organizations and networks in different countries, and the Cycling Embassy of Denmark (CED) is a part of spreading the word of Danish cycling culture. The CED was established in 2009 and has since then shared ideas and solutions on e.g. bicycle tourism and city planning.

On May 12th this year, the CED celebrated their 5th anniversary and was accompanied by special designed fashionable red Velorbis bicycles. Why did CED celebrate their anniversary with bicycles by Velorbis? 

Firstly, Velorbis is a member of the CED, and both Velorbis and CED supports the idea of spreading the joy of two-wheeled solutions locally, nationally and globally.

Secondly, the bicycle movement is a part of creating a more sustainable environment in a world with environmental challenges. Therefore, CED and Velorbis do not look at bicycles as merely a product, but sees it as an opportunity to get as many people as possible to par take in a life style where quality, relaxation, fashion, and sustainability walks hand in hand.