Meet the new Velorbis Arrow ‘fixie’ style bike

Velorbis has entered the sports bike market – following requests from our customers – with our unique interpretation of the “fixie” style bike. Meet the Velorbis Arrow gents bike.

Reflecting the uncompromising design style, attitude and attention to detail synonymous with all of our bicycles, Velorbis Arrow has been designed for urban commuters who are seeking a second bike for the occasions when they need to get to their destinations a little bit faster. Just like choosing a high-speed sports car to join the main family car, or buying designer sportswear as an addition to corporate workwear.

The Velorbis Arrow has been created to complement (and balance) our main range of classic comfort bicycles. It is speedy, streamlined and slick, and weighs in at around 12kgs. It has a black lugged steel frame, is available in three frame sizes, and features luxurious brown leather accessories. We have also designed a dark brown leather messenger bag to accompany it.

As the saying goes; “Make time fly like an arrow”. Now you can with the Velorbis Arrow.