Guided Tours on Velorbis Bicycles with CYCLING AARHUS

CYCLING AARHUS is a new company that offers guided tours on Velorbis bicycles in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.

The idea behind the tours is to give tourists and Danes the opportunity to explore Aarhus either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. The biking tours are designed for tourists or Danes wanting to experience Aarhus on two wheels. On the tours you can experience the history, culture, nature and urban life in Aarhus.

The tours gives both tourists and Danes the opportunity to learn about Aarhus as well as biking around on the stylish and comfortable Velorbis bicycles.

The guided tours and the Velorbis bicycles insures turists as well as Danes a memorable day in Aarhus.

The company CYCLING AARHUS also rents Velorbis bicycles which allows tourists to get the sense of biking around like locals in a beautiful and exciting city.

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