Klassische E-Bikes

Copenhagen is surely one of the world’s most cycle-friendly cities in the world and our classic ebikes were inspired by our love for our hometown.  Here the streets are filled every day with people who use ebikes not only for recreation but also as a practical, stylish and sustainable way to get around.  And just because you want to enjoy the advantages of an electric bike doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the elegant and timeless beauty of classic Danish design.  The Velorbis ELECHIC bikes retain the distinctive Scandinavian upright seating position, their hand crafted frames and their charming retro details – they just have the addition of a bit of top notch German technology in the form of a Pendix electrical system.  Same good looks but with an extra bit of oomph that will make you the envy of all those stuck in traffic jams on the morning commute.

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