Klassische Damen Fahrräder

Some things just ooze quality and style and, for sure, a classic women’s bike from Velorbis is one of them.  They’re actually pretty hard to fault!  The fact that they are made to measure means that they can be tailor-made to suit your lifestyle and personality and can truly become your favorite – and most useful – accessory.

If you want to know about everyday cycling, look no further than Copenhagen.  Our streets are full of women who use their bikes as part of their day-to-day life – as a way of commuting to the office, going to meet friends and even doing the grocery shopping.  So, as Danes, we understand that a bike has to be practical, dependable and comfortable.  But also we know that a little bit of Scandi-style means that it can also be an object of desire and make you proud to use it.  That’s the Velorbis philosophy in a nutshell!

Velorbis classic women’s bikes are the epitome of sophisticated Danish design, great craftsmanship and excellent quality.

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