Herren E-Bikes

Even the fittest of us can sometimes do with a helping hand.  If you have a longer commute to work or you just want to get there faster, you don’t have to give up your dream of cycling and go back to sitting in traffic jams in a car.  Instead invest in one of our Velorbis electric bikes – the perfect way to cover longer distances, still keep healthy and do your bit for the environment all in one very stylish way!  An increasingly popular way of getting around town, electric bikes used to be heavy and clumsy with an ugly battery pack centre stage.  Not at Velorbis.  Our bikes are exactly the same as the non-electric one but with the addition of a motor, discretely tucked away in a leather bag behind the saddle and the battery encased in a foil cover that matches the frame colour.  Your legs will never stop thanking you!

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