Klassische Herren Fahrräder

Do you dream of riding around the city on the perfect cycle?  Stylish, luxurious and very sophisticated, a Velorbis classic men’s bike can make that wish come true.  It’s designed in Denmark and hand-built in Germany to your own specifications making it the ultimate for any urban guy.

Built to Match your own Style

Close your eyes and think of our dream bike!  Is it dark green, soft grey or deep red or maybe a combination of different shades of the same colour?  At Velorbis each bike is made to order so you can be part of the design process.  Use our smart Design your Bike tool and let your imagination run free as you click on all the different things you can specify.  Start with your favourite frame and then add accessories like luggage carriers, handlebars and saddles.  Maybe increase the number of gears and change the tyres?  Then choose from over 200 different colours and make your bike something totally unique.  We can even add an electric motor onto all our classic men’s bikes!

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